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CPA Nelson Korir

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CPA Mr. Nelson Korir is a retired corporate executive now in public practice as accountant holding practicing license in assurance services. CPA Nelson has flourished in practice with clientele in both public and corporate sector. He holder of Commonwealth Association Corporate Governance Certification (CACG). He has a niche in business investigation including reconstruction of troubled firms migrating with features hinging on receivership/insolvency or growth trajectory riding on reconstruction assignments undertaken in coop societies in financial services, dairies, public universities, County Government, oil industry and quasi government firms, Nelson is engaging with regulator to acquire insolvency practitioner’s license to make a debut in receivership in an environment that has seen many firms go under and fail to meet their obligations.

A firm believer in growing and lifting others, CPA Nelson is an active participant in ICPAK training programs with recognition in leading in CPD Hours on many occasions including regular contribution in Accountants Journal. His tenure as corporate executive in shipping freight transport logistics propelled him to serve in key state strategic firms in governance position for close to a decade, namely, Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) and Kenya Roads Board (KRB) growing people and organizations. CPA Nelson serves as an Audit Committee member (AC) in West Pokot County Assembly providing layer to the internal audit function reporting to County Assembly Service Board (CASB).AC oversights county assembly financial activities and cushions internal audit function from executive control. Still on oversighting of counties, CPA Nelson sits in the Audit Committee, Baringo County as Mukirman, and providing leadership in the county, for the management, the development and effective performance of the audit committee and provide the necessary guidance to for all the aspects of the audit committee’s work. Further the committee guide in the Provision of oversight on risk management, control, financial reporting and governance processes in all aspects of county financial management Issues and also follow up the implementation of recommendation in internal and external audit in public practice Mr. Korir has undertaken high level investigation both in public arena and corporate sector including provision of internal audit services. He is a member of ICPAK election appeals committee.

As part of career development in accounting and auditing, Nelson has had experience in serving public schools in internal audit four years under his belt. Still on matters of governance, Mr. Korir serves in legal affairs subcommittee of ICPAK, accountants lobby body, Nelson has had rare privilege of travelling to various parts of the world from Durban in South Africa to Dar, Tanzania; various cities in South East Asia on port management matters. Other visits on port interest include tours to UK and Europe. Mr. Korir holds MBA (Finance) and is a member of Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPAK). with Head of State Decoration, DSM, besides being a certified director CACG. He is recipient of Award of Commendation 2019 for his contribution to the accounting profession. Nelson was among a few certified accounting technicians in the 70’s.