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Real Estate

The volatility in the real estate industry highlights the importance of managing cash flow, developing innovative tax strategies, and evaluating potential acquisitions and dispositions. Our small business tax accounting team have the consulting expertise to assist you in resolving these issues.

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Hospitality Industry

In today’s competitive consumer marketplace, restaurants, hotels and related leisure-oriented companies are under constant pressure to improve profitability, increase sales and control costs. We realize that success in today’s marketplace depends on top-line growth and effective cost management.

Non Profit Organizations & Charitable Institutions

Non-profit organizations do not always measure success the way other businesses do. Their goals are different—social service, cultural benefits and number of people served. We helps non-profit organizations manage themselves, grow and stay at peak performance.


Retail is an extremely diverse sector in which we help companies achieve a strategic advantage in this fiercely competitive market by combining sector knowledge and understanding any issues and specific challenges that they face..

Building and Construction

We provide our services to the following sectors

  • Building Construction
  • Infrastructure & Heavy
  • Construction Specialized
  • Industrial Construction
  • Planning & Developmen

Agricultural Sector

We provide our services to following the Agricultural sector

  • Agribusiness
  • Floriculture
  • Horticultural

Education Sector

  • Professional schools
  • Private sector
  • Training and career development


  • Clothing and Textile
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Chemicals and plastics